Electric Cars

Posted in Cars on December 15th, 2010 by admin

Electric cars are becoming both desirable and demanded, mainly from consumers who want both performance and efficiency.  Car  companies have taken notice, bringing the vehicles to market. Electric cars build on the green movement of the world to have cars that are more fuel efficient while emitting next to no toxic emissions.

Electric cars are the cleanest vehicles currently in production. Some electric cars do actually have small-displacement gasoline engines to supplement the electric drivetrain, but some of these cars can run primarily on batteries without any fuel. The mileage range of the car is important because consumers do not want to get stranded in the middle of a commute or trip. Most electric cars have a range between 25 and 50 miles, but the higher end models get over 200 miles on a single charge. The big push with electric cars is to have cars that can get you to and from your job without using a drop of gas.

For many consumers, that is all they really use their primary car for, with maybe a few errands on the side. Electric power is much cheaper than gas by at least four or five times. These cars can be “refueled” at your home using your standard 110V household outlets (as long as they are compatible with the car’s voltage).

Another great feature as they relate to electric cars are the price. Most of the cars can be had for under $30,000, and when coupled with government subsidies, the price can be decreased a full $7,500.  It must be noted that on certain ultra-high-end models the price can run up to and over $100,000.


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